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What is CP and M&P? And what's the difference between the two?

There are the two methods of soaping that we use which is CP, which stands for cold-process and M&P, which stands for melt and pour. . The difference between the two is that CP is made from scratch; oils, butters, essential/fragrance oils, and raw ingredients. M&P on the other hand, is made with an organic pre-made base and includes only essential and fragrance oils. 

Do you have yoni bars?

Sacred Treasure is our yoni bar. And you can also use Blossom Beauty as a mild yoni during that time of the month.

What bar would you recommend for pimples/acne?

Green Supreme or Rising Phoenix. Use of our toner and serum is the perfect combination for clearer skin.

What can I use for hyper-pigmentation or to even out my skin tone?

Nature Hues or Rising Phoenix. Use of our toner and serum is the perfect combination for clearer skin.

Is there a bar for eczema or sensitive skin?

Honey Bunch of Oats or Vanilla Haze.

What can I use as a stress reliever bar?

Purple Haze or Vanilla Haze.

Do you have bars for kids and/or teenagers?

For toddlers, use Baby's Breath. For teenager, you can use any bar in stock. All of the soaps are made with natural and organic ingredients so they are safe enough for the entire family to use.

Which bars are your best sellers?

All bars are top-sellers. But each bar either focuses on aromatherapy, medicinal benefits, or both. You honestly can't go wrong with any of them!

Which bar is for face? For body?

All bars is safe enough to be used on the full body, including face and body