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Collection: Magic Oil

Use the Magic Oil, twice a week and directly on your scalp. Dedicate 2 days out of the week (Sundays and Wednesdays is an option)to create a routine. If scalp is extremely dry, apply the oil every other day out of the week. Do not over saturate your hair. A little goes a long way so you should open the top just a little. If the oil is dripping on your forehead or neck, then you have applied too much. The bottle should last you 6-7 weeks. And you should massage your scalp once a week so that you can open your pores to allow the oil to work. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact via email.


Benefits of the Scalp & Hair Growth Serum (Magic Oil

~All Natural

~Hydrates & Stimulates Scalp

~Strengthens Hair Follicles

~Restrains Residue Build-Up

~Repairs Breakage & Split Ends

~Can Be Used As Hot Oil Treatment 




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